Revised Plans for Neath’s New Development

Neath is set to benefit from a brand new leisure centre, providing modern facilities and boosting footfall in the town.

At a meeting of the Regeneration and Sustainable Development Cabinet Board today (12th April) Councillors approved a proposal to amend the existing Neath Town Centre Redevelopment plans for the former Wilko and Tesco Metro site in Water Street to include a new leisure centre, replacing the current one at Dyfed Road, in addition to retaining six of the original eight new retail units already agreed for that location.

The future of town centres depends on having a diverse offer including shopping, leisure and culture, and development plans need to adapt to changing market situations and customer preferences.

Looking at the national picture and the future of retail and high streets, the aim is to increase footfall into towns to provide an attractive proposition for new businesses and retailers.

Whilst the main element of the plans for the town centre is the retail offer, the scheme is flexible to allow for changing trends and to take advantage of other opportunities that may arise.

Cllr. Rob Jones, Leader of Neath Port Talbot Council said: “We want to maintain a leisure offer in the town and we want to make sure that people in Neath have access to modern facilities and activities to improve their health and wellbeing.

“Planning ahead and looking at Neath in the round we now have an opportunity to improve our existing proposals and provide Neath with a new leisure facility whilst delivering the retail element of our development plans. This will not only benefit existing retailers in the town but help to attract new businesses.”

Dyfed Road Leisure Centre is now over 50 years old and requires significant maintenance investment in the next few years just to keep it open. The original mechanical and electrical services need to be replaced and extensive repairs are required to the roof and external fabric. The maintenance work is estimated to cost in excess of £1m and would require the facility to close for up to 12 months.

The Council believes that investing in a new facility, rather than facing increasing maintenance costs for an ageing building, will be better value for money.

To maintain a leisure offer in Neath the total number of retail units will be reduced from eight to six and a new leisure facility will be built as part of the new development.

It will include a 25m, 6 lane pool and learner pool, improved gym and multi- purpose areas for different leisure offers and classes. New squash courts will be provided at Cwrt Herbert Leisure Centre alongside the existing dry-side facilities.

This means that half the space within the scheme will be occupied upon completion, improving footfall and providing an immediate boost to the town. This will benefit existing retailers and also offer an attractive proposition to attract new retailers and businesses into the town centre.

Richard Lewis, Chief Executive of Celtic Leisure said: “We are excited by the new proposals for Neath which will provide us with modern, high quality facilities that will meet the needs of our customers. We believe that the new centre will attract new customers, encouraging more people to improve their health and wellbeing. We will be working with our current customers to ensure a smooth transition to the new facility.”

Robert Williams, Chair of Neath Inspired Ltd. said: “Town Centres across the country are facing very challenging times, and Neath is no exception. It is increasingly difficult to attract anchor stores and I commend the Council for continuing with the development and taking a proactive step to incorporate a brand new leisure facility right in the heart of Neath. The increased footfall and visitor numbers will enable businesses throughout the town to benefit.”

The scheme will now be redesigned to incorporate the leisure centre, with construction starting on site within 12 months.

We’re Having a Business Breakfast

If you are a BID Levy Payer or a Voluntary BID Levy Payer and would like to come please contact 

The event will be held on Wednesday 1st May in the Bluebell Hotel.

The Breakfast will commence at 7.30am and finish at 9.00am.

The Breakfast is one of a regular series of Neath Inspired Business Breakfasts that are held in various venues in the town centre.

You will have the opportunity to network with other Neath businesses from all sectors of the retail trade, service industries and local government.

On the day, we will present three short informative talks:

Austin Walters from Superfast Business Wales will give a short “taster talk” on the benefits to your business of multimedia marketing channels via “Social Media”.

Austin will follow this taster with a Social Media workshop on Tuesday 14th May in the Gwyn Hall. This is a free event.

Places on the workshop are limited so if you are interested get in touch today or alternatively  book a place at the Business Breakfast.

More info @

 Andrew Shufflebotham will provide details on the Neath Inspired web site as a BID information hub.

There will be a short presentation from NPT Council on the progress of the New Development 

We look forward to welcoming you to the event.

Please confirm that you will be attending so that we will know how many guests to expect


Low Pay Commission to Visit Neath

The Low Pay Commission is the independent body that advises the Government on the National Living and Minimum Wage rates (NLW and NMW). Every year they visit each country of the United Kingdom, covering different types of places to get a rounded view of the effects of the minimum wage ‘on the ground’.

If you would like to attend the meeting that will be held on Wednesday 20th March 4.00pm [venue to be advised], please contact

The following topics cover most of what they want to hear about. If you have any other evidence on the minimum wage they are interested in hearing about that too.

  • The effects of the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage rates we recommend, and business responses to recent increases. Issues we are keen to hear about include:
    • Changes to employment and hours
    • Changes to pay and benefits
    • Productivity
    • Prices
    • Profits
    • Compliance and enforcement
  • View on future NLW increases – to £8.21 in April and a projected rate (subject to change) of £8.62 in 2020, based on a target of 60% of median earnings.
  • Evidence on the economic outlook more generally.
  • Workers’ and apprentices’ views on the minimum wage rates and their work more generally.
  • Views on the youth and apprentice rates – we will conclude our review of these rates in the summer and are still keen to hear evidence on their use and level.
  • The future of the National Living Wage. The NLW has a target of 60% of median earnings by 2020, but it is uncertain what will happen after this date. In the 2018 budget the Chancellor announced the government’s ambition to end low pay, but we don’t know exactly what that would mean for the minimum wage.

Attending: The head of the Low Pay Commission David Massey, three of our commissioners, Professor Sarah Brown from the University of Sheffield, Martin McTague from the FSB  Kate Bell from the TUC, and Joseph Cooper LPC

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Discounted IT Services for Neath Inspired Levy Payers & Voluntary Levy Payers Offer

Neath Inspired has been working with ITCS to provide discounted packages.
Including Web Design, IT Support and Telecoms provision suitable for small businesses.
With full website design development & hosting from £35 per month.

Any interested BID Levy and Voluntary BID Levy Payers Please Contact ITCS using the contact details above.

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Christmas – A Real Cracker in Neath This Year


Christmas got off to a great start this year with the Town Council Christmas Lights on Ceremony, with the Town Council giving out thousands of  light sticks FREE!


Neath Inspired supported with the Wave and Swansea Sound advertising 2 weeks before the event and the Wave Roadshow on the night. Supplying loads of free children’s goody bags, tasty mince pies and warming mulled wine from the Neath Inspired gazebo.






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There Was Terror in the Town

Halloween was celebrated in Neath Town Centre by hundreds of children and their Parents. They learned the dance in the Town Square

They Monster Marched through the  Town. Scary!

Great fancy Dress

Great Make up.

Prizes to Finish



A massive thanks to all the businesses that got involved! Stage 8, The Round House, Treats, Lorraine’s Tea Shop and the Cosy Cafe.

Neath Inspired Photo Competition

Neath Inspired and Neath Camera Club’s ongoing partnership has resulted in many professional quality photographs covering all the events supported by Neath Inspired throughout the year.

This has culminated in the first Neath Inspired Photographic Competition. The challenge “The Best Photograph of Neath” that gives a flavour of the many things that Neath Town Centre has to offer. Well done Neath Camera Club & thanks.

Short Listed 27 Images that all tell a story:

Halloween Spooktacular

A Brand New Free Event For Neath

It’s a half term Halloween a Free Event with Neath Inspired and Stage 8 Dance Studio

2.00pm Learn the Dance in Neath Town Square

2.30pm Assemble at Cafe 46 [top of Queen Street]

3.00pm  Monster March through town to Neath Castle

Free Hot Dogs  @ 4 local Cafes

Halloween Fancy Dress Prizes for :

1st Place Child & 2nd Place Child

Best Couple & Best Dressed Dog