Month: February 2021

Neath Inspired Limited Renewal Ballot Result

Neath Inspired Renewal Ballot Up-date

We are very disappointed to report that we were unsuccessful in our Renewal Ballot, although achieving a majority by number of voters we failed on the second criteria, the aggregate value of the votes cast. Several key stakeholders, national stores, banks and other retailers did not vote suggesting that Covid-19 restrictions and furloughed workers had implications on the final outcome.

Over the last five years we have successfully supported and delivered important large scale seasonal events like the, the Music Festival, the Real Ale & Cider Festival the Neath Food and drink Festival and other events like the Comedy Festival, the Wales International Film Festival and Easter and Halloween events that have all brought increased footfall into the town centre.

Positive partnerships with other organisations have delivered hanging baskets, Christmas lights, anti-social behaviour initiatives, free parking and a comprehensive advertising and marketing partnership with the Wave and Swansea Sound. These together with other projects, delivered support for the town centre that the Local Authority no longer fulfils.

We are sure that our aim to help Neath become a first-class destination for visitors, our loyal local shoppers and independent businesses has benefitted Neath and are confident that our town will bounce back into vibrancy when restrictions are lifted.

The Board of Neath Inspired Limited

Deputy Minister for Housing and Local Government, Hannah Blythyn MS said:Transforming towns across Wales and making them fit for the 21st century is a priority for the Welsh Government. BIDs play can play a key part in regenerating areas by providing businesses with a collective single voice, supporting economic growth and strengthening communities.  I am extremely disappointed that the BID has not been supported for a further term in Neath, as effective BIDS have a proven track record of driving local change and managing high streets and town centres.”

Ballot Result

I the undersigned, being the Ballot Holder for the above Election, hereby give notice that the NUMBER OF VOTES cast were as follows:-
Total number of votes cast in the ballot (excluding any votes given on ballot papers and rejected) 65
The aggregate rateable value of each hereditament in respect of which a person voted in the ballot (excluding rejected votes) £2,405,400
The total number of votes cast in favour of the question asked in the ballot 34
The aggregate rateable value of each hereditament in respect of which a person voting in the ballot has voted in favour of the question asked £728,850
Percentage of ratepayers who returned the ballot paper voting in favour of the proposal 52%
Percentage of the aggregate rateable value of each hereditament in respect of which a person voting in the ballot has voted in favour of the proposal 30%
Percentage of eligible ratepayers voting 25%
Number of ballot papers rejected 3
The majority of votes cast were IN FAVOUR of the proposal
The aggregated rateable value of the votes cast in favour of the proposal to renew the BID were LOWER than that against the proposal
And that the proposal for a Business Improvement District for Neath Town Centre is UNSUCCESFUL
Karen Jones
Ballot Holder
5 February 2021