Neath Inspired Going for a Renewal Ballot in 2021

Neath Inspired Limited is going for a Renewal Ballot in 2021 and we need your support, there has never been a more important time for a proactive Neath Business Improvement District.

Our first 5 year term is up and we are asking our BID businesses to vote “YES” in the Renewal Ballot. 

Ballot papers will be sent out on Thursday 7th January 2021 and will have to be returned by post by 5.00pm Thursday 4th of February.

A YES vote in our renewal ballot will allow us, over the next 5 years, to invest £425,000 in the events and projects that you have suggested to us following consultation and the results of our Business Perception Questionnaire.

You have told us that anti-social behaviour is a serious issue for your business. If we are successful in the Renewal Ballot, we will continue our close relationship with our local police and the Community Safety Partnership to minimise antisocial behaviour.

Parking is another area that you have asked us to improve, we will engage with the Council to investigate parking initiatives that will encourage shoppers and visitors to come to Neath.

You have told us that you would also like to see more events, smaller and pop up events, and wider exposure via multimedia marketing channels like Facebook and Instagram. We will arrange a more comprehensive diary of events that will include new events that you have suggested and market them extensively using Facebook and other multi marketing channels. We will aim to attract local and other visitors and give them a “Warm Welsh Welcome” and a really positive town centre experience.

As a member of Neath BID, you are incredibly valued and we reaffirm that our main priority will always be promoting the town centre and supporting your local business.

We are confident that if we work together with our partners, Neath Town Council, NPT County Borough Council and South Wales Polices and others, Neath will bounce back from the present crisis and with your support ,we will fulfil the dream of Neath becoming the destination town in South Wales. We, very much, hope that you will support us and vote YES for a renewed Business Improvement District for Neath town centre.

Your Questions Answered:

What is a Business Improvement District (BID)?

A BID is a business-led and funded partnership, where businesses within a defined area invest money together, to make the
improvements they identify to enhance their trading environment. The money generated is targeted only at the Neath Inspired programme.

How will the Neath Inspired BID be funded?

The Neath Inspired BID will be funded by a 1.5% levy on the total rateable value (RV) of all hereditaments, or business units, within the defined BID boundary with an RV of £6,000 or more. Businesses with a total RV below this threshold will be exempt but can make a voluntary contribution. The levy will be based on the RV as of the 23rd December (the date of the notification of ballot).

Am I eligible to vote in the BID ballot?

If your business is within the defined BID boundaries and has a rateable value above £6,000 you will be eligible to vote and thus pay the BID
levy, if the ballot returns a ‘YES’ vote.

How do I find out how much I am liable to pay?

You can calculate you levy by multiplying your RV by 1.5%. Contact Andrew Shufflebotham at Neath Inspired to talk through the business plan and discuss how much you will contribute. Andrew can be contacted in on 0788 123 7887 or

How does the ballot work?

The BID can only be set up after a successful ballot of businesses in Neath town centre. On Thursday 7th January 2021 you will
be sent a ballot paper by post asking whether you support the formation of the BID. To be successful, the ballot must pass on two
majorities: 1. By the number of businesses voting (over 50% of votes cast must vote YES) 2. By the total RV (over 50% of the total RV of all
votes cast must vote YES).

Who will pay the BID Levy?

If both these conditions are met the BID will be established and the BID levy will become mandatory for all eligible businesses within the
BID area – this includes those owned by the Borough Council and other public bodies. The BID will run for five years (2021-2026), when
a renewal ballot will be held and businesses take another vote to decide whether the BID continues or not.

How is the levy collected?

The BID levy will be collected on an annual basis by the Borough Council who will collect it on our behalf. This will be billed as a separate
amount to your normal Business Rates bill. The levy will be fixed for five years based on the RV as of the date of the notification of ballot,
Wednesday 23rd December. Neath Inspired will be clear and transparent about how it is spending the money. There will be regularly updated information about income and expenditure available to all BID businesses.

Who will run Neath Inspired Limited?

If a YES vote is achieved the Neath BID will be run by Neath Inspired Limited an independent, not-for-profit company that was established in 2016. This will continue to be led by a board of directors who are representative of businesses in Neath and are all volunteer members. There will be an open invitation for businesses to get involved.

How will the Neath Inspired BID be governed?

If a YES vote is achieved the Neath BID will be run by Neath Inspired Limited an independent, not-for-profit company that was established in 2016. This will continue to be led by a board of directors who are representative of businesses in Neath and are all volunteer members. There will be an open invitation for businesses to get involved.

Neath Inspired will be a transparent body with a number of checks and balances, ensuring that the company is open to scrutiny from all its levy payers and the community in which it operates, in order to maintain its credibility and reputation.

For the last 5 years the Neath Inspired directors, a committed core of Neath business representatives have led this process to date. Recently they have evaluated past performance, projects and budgets, and consulted with businesses on the key proposals to take forward into a new BID. In this document they have outlined how your money will be allocated to improve all
activities and investments undertaken.

If the renewal ballot is successful additional board members will be sought and will be drawn from businesses that pay the BID levy or are voluntary members who pay a voluntary donation.

Can I become a Member of the Company?

Businesses that pay the BID levy may appoint a person who can become a member of the company and be able to vote in the AGM. The directors of this board must be representative of the town centre and include a cross section of stakeholders from all sectors and sizes. A part-time BID manager or project specific support will deliver the programme, overseen by the board.


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