Progress on Anti Social Behaviour in Neath

With Anti-Social Behaviour always high on our agenda at Neath Inspired, earlier this week we met up with Inspector Matt Otteson and team, for an update on matters relating to the town centre.


It’s no secret that anti-social behaviour effects the image of a town, and therefore has a knock on effect on trading in town centres. Every town in the UK isn’t without it’s individual issues, and whilst Neath is no different, we strive to work together with a variety of organisations to sustain a positive, welcoming environment in Neath.

Inspector Otteson has been in post for over 5 months now, and has already made some great structural changes meaning that more focus and resource has been dedicated to policing the town centre. ‘Operation Tesla’ is an ongoing operation looking at a number of issues in Neath Town Centre including drug misuse, anti-social behaviour and street begging. The operation is continuing to make some great progress, with SW Police are only looking to further improve.

Inspector Otteson wanted to remind businesses and individuals of the importance of reporting a crime or incident via 101 or 999 as appropriate. All complaints get logged and create a system of intelligence for our officers which builds a picture and allows them to allocate workforce accordingly. This information is vital to our local police team, so please ensure to pass any important information you have on to them. It’s never been easier to log a report – either via the 101 telephone route, by calling CrimeStoppers on 0800 555 111, via email or directly on their website

We look forward to continuing to work alongside South Wales Police and supporting them in their efforts to make Neath a safer, more vibrant town for all.

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