Month: March 2019

Low Pay Commission to Visit Neath

The Low Pay Commission is the independent body that advises the Government on the National Living and Minimum Wage rates (NLW and NMW). Every year they visit each country of the United Kingdom, covering different types of places to get a rounded view of the effects of the minimum wage ‘on the ground’.

If you would like to attend the meeting that will be held on Wednesday 20th March 4.00pm [venue to be advised], please contact

The following topics cover most of what they want to hear about. If you have any other evidence on the minimum wage they are interested in hearing about that too.

  • The effects of the National Minimum Wage and National Living Wage rates we recommend, and business responses to recent increases. Issues we are keen to hear about include:
    • Changes to employment and hours
    • Changes to pay and benefits
    • Productivity
    • Prices
    • Profits
    • Compliance and enforcement
  • View on future NLW increases – to £8.21 in April and a projected rate (subject to change) of £8.62 in 2020, based on a target of 60% of median earnings.
  • Evidence on the economic outlook more generally.
  • Workers’ and apprentices’ views on the minimum wage rates and their work more generally.
  • Views on the youth and apprentice rates – we will conclude our review of these rates in the summer and are still keen to hear evidence on their use and level.
  • The future of the National Living Wage. The NLW has a target of 60% of median earnings by 2020, but it is uncertain what will happen after this date. In the 2018 budget the Chancellor announced the government’s ambition to end low pay, but we don’t know exactly what that would mean for the minimum wage.

Attending: The head of the Low Pay Commission David Massey, three of our commissioners, Professor Sarah Brown from the University of Sheffield, Martin McTague from the FSB  Kate Bell from the TUC, and Joseph Cooper LPC

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